Serratia marcescens Septic Arthritis and Osteomyelitis after COVID-19: A Case Report and Literature Review


  • Puthi Tantikosol, MD Institute of Orthopaedics, Lerdsin General Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Chavanont Sumanasrethakul, MD Institute of Orthopaedics, Lerdsin General Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Charoenchai Pakpianpairoj, MD Institute of Orthopaedics, Lerdsin General Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand



septic arthritis, osteomyelitis, Serratia marcescens, COVID-19


Purpose: Septic arthritis and osteomyelitis due to Serratia marcescens are very rare, with only a few cases reported in the literature. This report presents a case of septic arthritis and osteomyelitis of the hip joint caused by Serratia marcescens after COVID-19.

Methods: A case report of a patient who had septic arthritis of Serratia marcescens was reported. A review of literature of the bone and joint infection caused by Serratia marcescens was also done. 

Results: The patient was successfully treated with an open arthrotomy, debridement, and intravenous antibiotics. After 9 months, the patient showed good functional outcomes, with no signs of recurrent infection.

Conclusions: Septic arthritis caused by Serratia marcescens is a rare condition. Early diagnosis and urgent surgical debridement are key factors for success.


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